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Zoe's Photo Album
Zoe's Diary

Things that I have done
Things that I can do
Places I am going and upcoming 'dates'.

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Favorite things:
Riding on a school bus
Playing with my horse and stable playset
My new bed
Care bears
Daisy Dog

Things I like to do:
Go to School
Play with Daisy
Crafts, especially glue and glitter!
Helping Mummy in the house/yard/garden
Laughing & Giggling

Airplane Flying

Places I have been:
Moab, Utah
Grand Junction
Denver Airport
Royal Gorge by train
Pueblo Zoo (i really like the otters and penguins)
State Fair - I took part in the duck races too!
Seven Falls
River Walk in Pueblo
Great Sand Dunes National Park (now that's a sand box!)
Cripple Creek train

Places I am going:
England (again)
Play-dates with my 'kids'
State Fair to watch the lumberjacks, and the duck races (not at the same time!)
River Walk and Boats
Seven Falls

Blue car

We go to Play Group on Mondays and Pre-School on Tuesday and Thurday morning.  Zoe is just a treasure when it comes to adventure and new things. No fear, and please get out of the way while she advances and takes charge!  Quite the kid.  :)

We're a busy family, but never too busy for our friends and loved ones!
Please stay in touch with email, phone, letter, visits, carrier pigeon -  smoke signals.