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Zoe's Photo Album


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Time moves swiftly, and now it's time to expand the web pages to include Zoe's Pre-school news.
I will post copies of her 'art' work and photos and other progress reports on this page.  Since so many relatives live so far away, this seems like a great way to share in Zoe's development.
Keep watching this space!

Thumbody is Special....
yellow thumb.jpg
Yellow thumbprint art from 8-31-2006

My first ride on a school bus
Field trip to the Planetarium - Sept 2006

the wheels on the bus go.....
Off to the planetarium - YIPPEEEEE!

Let me know if you  have any problems viewing any of the photos I place on this page.

We're a busy family, but never too busy for our friends and loved ones!
Please stay in touch with email, phone, letter, visits, carrier pigeon -  smoke signals.