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Zoe's Photo Album

The joy of the Lord is my Strength.

Check out the links on our new 'favorite links' page - includes Uncle Grahams bookstore, and caribbean store!
There's also a new page for Zoe's Pre-school activities.  keep watching for copies of her 'art' etc. 

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Check out "Boz The Bear" - Zoe's favorite new movies!

We're going to use this site to share pictures of Zoe and hopefully some home movies too.  She's growing so quickly my camera just doesn't keep up :)  Movies will be more fun anyway.

First Day of School
Looks like a natural!!

Vital Statistics

My first day at Pre-school
With my teacher,'s GREAT to be in school

2 years, 11 months
37 inches tall
30 pounds
Red hair
Blue eyes
Cheeky grin
Tender heart
STARTED 'transition' class for Pre-school at Pueblo West Christian Academy on August 24th :) - & she LOVES it!!

On a warm sunny day at
Pueblo River Walk - I think this is the Tarantula !

Playing with my friend Riley
August 2006

Summer 2006
growing up so fast

Pueblo Zoo - Sept. 2006
Riding the waves on the dolphin

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